A People of Guelph Project

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
"Map of the Town of Guelph, from recent s...

“Map of the Town of Guelph, from recent surveys and original maps” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A walking community meets at the intersection of words, memory, and art.

See Write on the Street page in the navigation, top left.

There are stages to this project, feel free to participate in one or all.
1. Tweet about your neighbourhood to @writeonguelph, and if space allows, add the hashtag #DearGuelph
2. Write longer pieces about the things that move you in your neighbourhood/Guelph. Recollections, stirrings, visions for the future…
3. Photograph,film, write a song, draw about it if that’s your style.
4. Submit to culturemaven[@]me.com to see your words and views published here.

Someday we hope to choose small snippets of your submitted words and write them directly on the streets which you wrote about. The hope is that every neighbourhood in Guelph is represented. Please note that this aims to be both a multi-generational and multicultural project. New residents, old, little or middle-aged, we want to read it all.
*We won’t include submissions that violate the Canadian human rights act, are libelous or slanderous, give out personal information, or are hateful in any way.

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